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Mogens Eliasen

- works for solo voices

All music listed here is subject to copyright restrictions regarding all kinds of copying and public performance.

Printed sheet music, including performance rights, can be ordered by e-mail, along with CDs with the individual voices, for easy rehearsal. For a specific price quote, please provide information about the number of performers. You will then get a reply that will quote the total price and instruct about how to make the payment with a credit of debit card online. Once payment is approved, your sheet music, including CDs for rehearsal (emphasizing each voice, at 80% speed and full speed), will be shipped, and you will get a confirmation by e-mail.

In order to get an impression of the music and its technical requirements, mp3 files of computer-generated performances are available from this site as well as pdf files of the lyrics. These files can be downloaded and used freely, yet for personal use only. Sample scores in pdf format for review require a password which can be provided upon request.

For quick reference to more details about a specific piece, please use the following links:

  • "The Echo of the Tongue of Bjarke" - an English "animation" of N.S.F. Grundtvig's original Danish poem about the Viking king Rolf Krake, who was famous for his justice and ability to develop Denmark's economy through stimulating and protecting fair trade and justice. He is particularly known through his bard/herald Bjarke, many of whose songs and poems about Rolf survived into historic times. Grundtvig's poem is about the death of both Rolf, Bjarke, and all the other brave and loyal vassals of Rolf's, including his lifeguard Hjalte, when Rolf's brother-in-law Hjartvar (who ruled one of Denmark's eastern provinces as duke) used a holiday celebration at Rolf's residence to usurp the royal powers by secretly gathering an army in the forest during the night and, by dawn, setting both forest and residence on fire to smoke the loyal Danes out of their beds, without their weapons and still not quite sober from last night's drinking, so they would be an easy slaughter. Despite much brave fighting on Rolf's side, Hjartvar succeeded and killed them all, except Vigge, who was thought to be dead, but wasn't. When Vigge came to his senses and realized he was the only survivor, he waited for the opportunity to kill Hjartvar - and did so with his last strength, paying for it with his own life, of course, as he quickly was grabbed by Hjartvar's guard.

    The poem was written shortly after the Napoleonic wars, in which Denmark twice was "taken in the bed" by England attacking Denmark with no warning and destroying its fleet in the harbor, forcing the neutral Denmark on side with Napoleon - which ruined its economy and eventually cost it all Norway with about 40% of its population. Grundtvig wrote the poem in a style that could have been Bjarke's, making heavy use of names of famous persons as reference to past events and principles, in an almost commentary way that only indirectly tells the story, but certainly has a clear morale: Don't be "taken in the bed" ever again!

    The music is fairly challenging, in terms of the often devilishly changing time signatures and harsh disharmonies. The "battle scenes" in the center part can be heard as quite chaotic, also musically.

    Performance takes about 3 minutes.

    There are two version available, one for a solo bass, and one for an alto-bass duet:

    Solo Bass version:

    Alto-Bass Duet version:

  • "I Wish You Would..." - Personal hymn to my loved one.

    This piece is really not of a nature that allows it to be published, as the lyrics are not feasible for a public audience... But I also fell in love with the tune that was inspired by a love poem I made to my wife.

    The poem actually has 10 stanzas, but the recording of the tune limits that to just 3. The computer similation has no words, so it is safe to listen to, also for people who do not feel comfortable with too much intimacy...

    Maybe, one day, I will get inspired to write some different lyrics for it?

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